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Self-service kiosk

With TIMMI Self-service kiosk, you can easily and securely log in for your own appointment, or queue for a service point. These kiosks can reduce congestion during peak hours and provide service even outside cash desk opening hours.

Tireless service

Hospital - TIMMI Itsepalveluautomaatti

We developed the TIMMI Self-Service Kiosk to manage patient flows: registration and customer service are the most common cause of delays in healthcare.The TIMMI Self-Service Kiosks allows patients to quickly and easily register for their appointments. This reduces the time and space needed to queue.The patient is then directed directly to the right waiting rooms and reception areas. Staff are informed when their patients are ready to be called. TIMMI Self Service Kiosk is integrated into the TIMMI Smart Hospital system. Especially in combination with TIMMI Room Management Automation, kiosk creates a smooth and stress-free environment for both your patients and your professionals.


  • Automated enrollment
  • Streamlined service
  • Reduced queuing


  • Identification with a Kela or ID card or by entering your social security number
  • Registering for an appointment
  • Taking an appointment number for a service without an appointment
  • Printing an appointment ticket
  • Using the appointment ticket to direct the person to the correct waiting area or room
  • Adding the appointment number to the correct queue for admission


  • TIMMI Automated Room Management
  • TIMMI Info Display
  • TIMMI Doorway Display
  • TIMMI Electronic guidance

Enhancing Customer Experience with Finnish Design

Our stylish and durable device is made and designed in our home country. Its surfaces and shapes are also designed to meet healthcare requirements in an environment where hygiene is paramount.

Self-service kiosk

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We have introduced TIMMI Smart Hospital in our second office and we plan to deploy it in our other locations as well.
Jukka Nurminen
Chief Information Officer
Pirte Occupational Health and Medical Centre
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Pystymme yksinkertaistamaan asiakkaiden kulkua ja vähentämään tarvetta käydä palvelutiskillä.
Lilli Rantahakala
Vastaava hammaslääkäri

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Self-service vending machine

O elemento de texto ricerá a formato a formato, paragráficos, blokquotes, imágenes, y vídeo todo en una lugar, a forma de forma individuais. Just double-click and easily create content.


TIMMI Ilmoittautuminen on ratkaisu sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon yksiköiden ilmoittautumisen ja tehokkaan tilankäytön haasteisiin. Ilmoittautuminen toimii mobiilissa tai itsepalveluautomaatilla ja se ohjaa asiakkaat vastaanottohuoneen ovelle asti.

Automated room management

TIMMI Smart Hospital automates the management of facilities and the flow of customers. At its heart is a smart algorithm that automatically finds the right workspace for a doctor, for example, for each shift.

Info Display

Information displays can be used, for example, to show invitations to a reception or to display a list of nursing staff and their rooms.

Doorway display

As the name implies, the doorway display is located on the side of the door. It can be used, for example, to show the queue situation and invitations in the reception room.


TIMMI Smart Hospital is a system that can also be integrated with other softwares. In this way, you get the full benefit of the systems in your environment and the information you need flows smoothly between the different software.

Self-service kiosk

With TIMMI Self-service kiosk, you can easily and securely log in for your own appointment, or queue for a service point. These kiosks can reduce congestion during peak hours and provide service even outside cash desk opening hours.

Queue Management

Queue management directs customers to the right waiting or service points. Queue management consists of self-service kiosks, info and door displays.

Room Management

Our Room Management software has been one of the most used solutions in the industry throughout the 21st century. A well-honed user experience, a fast pace of development driven by our extensive user base, and an ever-growing range of features, interfaces and use cases make TIMMI Space Reservation a sure choice now and in the future.

TIMMI Room Management also forms the foundation for TIMMI Smart Hospital.

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